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About Me

Experienced technical lead and systems developer with a decade of operations experience. Skilled in Python and Golang development and certified in both AWS & GCP public clouds. Experience from low levels of the stack from the data centre all the way to the cloud. Always keen to learn new things and lover of telemetry, graphs & observability.

Experience & Skills

  • Leading a Hashicorp Vault implementation that supports over 60 customers across all three major public clouds
    • Architecture and design of solution in AWS
    • Cloudformation CircleCI pipeline deployment
    • Terraform Vault provider for configuring authentication backends and policy control
    • Yubi Key recovery & unseal process
    • Managed RBAC authentication strategy & deployment for multi cloud authentication at scale
  • Designed and developed onboarding agent in golang that runs inside customer networks to bootstrap with MSP tooling
    • Low resource agent that runs to bootstrap customer compute instances with chef
    • Stores all secrets in Vault uses GCP metadata to authenticate with Vault
    • Integration tests that spin up mock environment to test branch changes
  • Worked to integrate ITSM platform with our alerting platform using serverless python deployment - Making use of pagerduty outgoing webhooks support populating metadata in ITSM tool
    • Deployed and managed via cloudformation & sceptre
  • Working with customers to on-board large customer estates into our services
    • Working with customers to make sure during onboarding that we are meeting requirements for service and technical requirements for monitoring and operations
  • Management of Terraform & Cloudformation deployments for customers and internal tooling
  • Development of open source terraform provisioner & api library for Thousandeyes monitoring platform
  • Management of Linux Infrastructure using Chef & Ansible at scale
    • Deployment of chef cookbooks to 2500+ nodes
    • Inpsec and integration tests as part of pipeline


  • Cloudreach
    • Operations Engineering Lead Jun 2018 – Present
    • Operations Engineer Fed 2018 - Jun 2018
  • DeltaDNA
    • Systems Administrator Jan 2016 - Feb 2018
  • Oracle
    • Cloud Systems Administrator May 2015 – Jan 2016
  • Edinburgh University
    • HPC Systems Administrator Feb 2014 – Apr 2015
  • Miller Group
    • Systems Administrator Jan 2013 – Feb 2014


  • Edinburgh Napier
    • Computer Systems and Networks 2:1